Why are Diamond Bracelets called Tennis Bracelets?

Dec 20, 2021 | Uncategorized

Also known as eternity bracelets and diamond line bracelets, tennis bracelets first rose to prominence in the 1920s. These bracelets are made of gemstones (usually diamonds) that are set closely together to encircle the wrist. Unlike bangles or charm bracelets, tennis bracelets are much more comfortable, sleek and less intrusive.

Of course, the question remains: where exactly did tennis bracelets get their name from? And does it have anything to do with playing the sport?

How did tennis bracelets get their name?

In the 1970s and 80s, a professional female tennis player called Chris Evert took the world by storm. However, no one could have expected that she would coin a phrase that would change the world of jewellery.

In the 1987 US Open, Evert suddenly stopped in the middle of a ferocious game and called for a time out. The reason? The clasp on her diamond bracelet had broken, the bracelet had fallen off, and she wanted to find it before continuing to play. The bracelet in question was a line bracelet designed by George Bewedi, set with white diamonds.

When asked in interviews, Evert would always refer to the missing jewellery as her “tennis bracelet”, and from that moment, this style of bracelet became popular all over the world.

Type of clasps

As displayed by Chris Evert, tennis bracelets can loosen and come off your wrist – especially if you’re taking part in a vigorous activity! Since the infamous match, however, tennis bracelets have come a long way, with a variety of clasps now available.

1. Spring Ring Clasp 

This type of clasp is the most common form of clasp in jewellery. It features a metal ring with a spring mechanism that you trigger by pulling back a small lever. This type of clasp is simple, elegant, secure and versatile.

2. Lobster Clasp 

Similar to the Spring Ring clasp, the Lobster clasp has a metal oval instead of a ring, with a spring mechanism that pulls back with a lever. It is slightly larger than the Spring Ring clasp and can be easier to navigate for people with larger fingers.

3. Barrel Clasp 

The third most common type of clasp is a Barrel clasp. This involves two metal pieces that screw together and give the appearance of a barre. Although this type of clasp can be quite fiddly, it is incredibly secure.

How do I pick the perfect tennis bracelet?

When it comes to buying a tennis bracelet, thesky is the limit. Unlike other pieces of jewellery, tennis bracelets are the perfect accessory for people with busy and active lifestyles. Whether you are someone who is always on the go or want a sparkling statement piece that feels as light as air, tennis bracelets are a worthy investment.

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