Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Stunning pear shaped diamond engagement rings, also known as ‘teardrop’ rings. The Pear shaped diamond is so called because it is shaped like a pear or teardrop. One of the most difficult shapes to cut, the Pear shape is often used in jewellery such as earrings and necklaces or as side stones to accentuate a centre diamond. The pear shape can also look spectacular as a diamond engagement ring on its own.

With its brilliance and sparkle, a Pear shape diamond engagement ring can certainly turn heads when crafted by an expert jeweller.

Pear shape or pear cut engagement rings can be set as a solitaire, with a plain gold or platinum band or complimented by smaller diamonds in the sides. If you are looking to really dazzle, the pear shape can even be set with a halo of smaller diamonds around it.

Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with a Pear shaped engagement ring. Cut from a rough diamond weighing 240.8ct, the finished cut and polished diamond ended up being a huge 162 carats!

The pear shape is a combination of the marquise and brilliant cuts and comes in a variety of proportions and appearance – from long and slim to more of a wide cut. Due to the substantial variance in proportions of Pears, it is best to judge a pear shape individually and view it yourself rather than by stringent parameters. It is for this reason also that the Pear shape is not allocated a ‘cut’ grade on a GIA certificate.

As the Pear shape is an elongated cut, when worn along the finger, it has the added advantage of making your fingers appear longer and slimmer.  In addition to this, when viewed face up, pear cut diamonds tend to look larger than other diamond shapes of the same diamond weight. For example, a round brilliant cut weighing 1.00ct might measure 6.5mm, whereas a pear of the same carat weight could potentially measure 9.7 x 5.4mm.

One thing to be cautious of when purchasing a pear shape Diamond is the bow tie effect. This is a shadow in the shape of a bow tie that is present in all pear shape diamonds, varying from near invisible to very noticeable. It is important to view a Pear shape diamond yourself to ensure the appearance of a bow-tie effect is minimal as there is no way to tell for sure based on the certificate alone.

At MAX Diamonds, we recommend Pear shape diamonds with a length to width ratio of 1:1.45 – 1:1.70, and a depth % of 57-65.4%, with a table % of 52-64%.  In saying this, it is possible to find a diamond that sits outside of these parameters and still looks beautiful so it is very important to personally view a Pear shape diamond to ensure it is the perfect diamond for you.

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