Men’s Wedding Bands and Rings

Browse through our large collection of men’s wedding rings here at MAX Diamonds. We have a myriad of choices and designs available. Take a look at our two-tone or mixed metal options if you are looking for something different.

History of Men’s Wedding Rings

Wedding bands have been a tradition dating as far back as Egyptian times as a symbol of never-ending love. The popularity of giving a gold or precious metal ring to a man is a new marriage tradition.

In the past, men are the dominant sex and the wearing of the ring wasn’t seen as essential. The tradition of wearing wedding bands started during World War II. Soldiers wear wedding bands as a reminder of their commitment to their wives back home.

Today, men’s wedding bands can be simple or extravagant. And the design options are as varied as that of ladies wedding bands.

Both men and ladies’ wedding bands are traditionally worn on the left hand ‘ring finger’. The belief stems from the Romans who believed in the ‘Vena Amoris.’ This ‘vein of love’ is a vein in the finger that travels to the heart. Despite scientific disapproval of the myth, the traditional wedding ring finger remains popular.

Classic or Modern Men’s wedding bands to Suit Every Style

We have a selection of ready-made men’s wedding bands in stock. If you would rather have a custom ring made, we can cater to your needs. Feel free to bring photos or sketches of your ideas, and we will work with you to design the perfect ring.

Men’s wedding bands can be unique and very meaningful. You can add subtle inscriptions or get unique designs. MAX Diamonds can customise the ring to make it yours.

It is important to spend time thinking about the ring design. Whether you want to create a plain or ornate ring, you will wear it for life and forever as a symbol of a promise made. 

Choose from Our Selection of Men’s Wedding Ring Designs

Our men’s wedding bands come in different metals, sizes, widths, and thicknesses. Contact us today to speak to one of our professional MAX Diamonds consultants. It is our pleasure to help you choose or design your own men’s wedding ring.