Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Beautiful and elegant iconic princess cut engagement rings. The princess cut is a new diamond cut. It came after the making of the original 58-faceted square cut diamond by Arpad Naggy in 1961.

The current ‘modern princess cut’ now has 76 facets. It grew in popularity after its invention in 1970 by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz. It became an alternative to the brilliant cut diamond.

The Princess Cut is today one of the most popular diamond engagement ring cuts. The face of the princess cut is square with four bevelled sides. It looks like an inverted pyramid shape when viewed from the side. Meanwhile, the brilliant-cut shape is round. So, if you’re thinking about a princess cut engagement ring, it’s possible.


The Princess Cut Diamond: The Modern, Sophisticated Choice

The princess cut is less expensive on the same carat weight basis compared to the brilliant cut. This is due to the princess cut retaining more of the rough diamond within the shape. It will be worth it to get a big princess cut diamond engagement ring.

If you have a rough 1.00ct princess cut diamond, you will potentially have a 0.40ct polished round diamond or a 0.80ct – 0.90ct polished princess cut.

Imagine how a three-carat princess cut diamond ring would feel like. Additionally, it has a high degree of light returned when you look at it through the table. You’ll likely consider looking into princess cut engagement rings in Australia. You’ll see that princess cut rings are at part with the brilliant cut when it comes to brilliance.

Princess cut grades are dependent on polish and symmetry. Unlike the round brilliant cut, it is not given an overall “cut” grade certification. That is because its measurements, facets, and angles, can vary. But still, they achieve incredible sparkle and reflection of light.

A princess cut diamond ring, also known as a square modified brilliant cut, is an excellent choice for an engagement ring.


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Our princess cut diamond rings can come in white gold, platinum, or yellow gold. You can come in person to discuss your design ideas with our jewellery experts. No matter the preference, we will guide you through the process, every step of the way.

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