Gift Vouchers

We Take the Thinking Out of Gift Giving

Sometimes it can be very challenging to choose the perfect gift. If you know you want it to be really special, thoughtful and memorable, yet you just don’t know what to choose, A MAX Diamonds Gift Voucher is the perfect solution.

You don’t need to specify a price on the voucher – it could be along the lines of “A re-polish of all your jewellery to make them sparkle like new”, or “A re – design, and remodel of an existing antique or family ring” (See also Jewellery remodelling)

Or it could be for something specific that you have already had designed and quoted with us, like a classic diamond pendant, that you are unsure of the finer details, or an eternity ring to celebrate a special occasion – the options are endless.

With each voucher the recipient also receives a one on one appointment with a designer and diamond or Gemstone expert, (whilst sipping champagne if they feel like it) in our studio – a way to make the lucky person feel really special.

Valid for the recipient to choose anything from our range of loose diamonds, beautiful jewellery or a custom-designed piece, a gift voucher is a simple solution for someone who has well-defined tastes. Order your gift voucher, by phoning us on (02) 9231 3454, emailing on or simply ask us in person at our Max Diamonds showroom in Sydney. We can post a MAX Diamonds gift voucher, along with your personal message, to any location in the world.