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Why should you invest for an Argyle pink diamond today?

The reputation of pink diamonds has been popular among media personalities, celebrities, and even royalties. Not only because they have become statement pieces and fashionable, pink diamonds have proven to be of a good investment. There has been an increased demand for pink diamonds in the past years. So, if you’re thinking of buying a pink diamond ring, you have to know that its prices are expected to increase much higher because of the limited supply of pink diamonds in Sydney.

What is Argyle diamond?

Pink diamonds in Australia have become outlets of trusted diamond sellers for the most rare and beautiful stones, specifically Argyle pink diamonds, located in Western Australia’s Argyle mine. But sometime this year, the mine is set to close making the supply of Argyle diamonds rather difficult. That is why, Australian Argyle diamonds will soon become rare and set to increase at very high prices. As a principle, diamonds have their unique features that the rarer the diamond, the higher its value. This makes Argyle pink diamonds investment worthwhile with its realistic positive returns at low risks.

How to choose your pink diamond?

Pink diamonds differ in shade and colour and are graded according to tone, saturation, and distribution. The higher its intensity and saturation, the rarer and more valuable it is. Argyle diamonds use a colour scale ranging from purplish pink to pink rose on a scale from 1 to 8, with one being the most intense colour and eight the palest colour.

If you’re lucky to check on pink diamonds for sale, choose one that is rich and pure pink in color. If you’re looking for the perfect pink diamond engagement ring, be sure to seek advice from professional diamond Sydney graders.

Here’s what you have to consider when selecting your pink diamond:

  • The precious gemstone’s colour and its intensity
  • The cut and shape of the pink diamond
  • Its size and suitability for the design of the pink diamond jewellery
  • Any other precious gemstones you might like to set into the ring along with your pink diamond

To put the true rarity of these special pink diamonds into perspective: Of every million carats of rough diamonds produced at the mine, a mere one carat is suitable for sale. So if you find an argyle pink diamond ring for sale, consider it a smart investment.

With almost 40 years of experience, Max Diamonds can help you choose the perfect pink diamond, designing a truly exquisite, unique, and remarkable piece of jewellery for you. Check a range of diamonds whether loose diamonds in pink or yellow, perfect for engagement, wedding, and other occasions. You can set an appointment to discuss your requirements.

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