Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion Cut rings have become very popular in recent times, largely due to their use in many celebrity engagements rings and the modern way the diamond is cut to show off the diamond’s fire and brilliance. It is also a great choice for those who can’t decide between a round brilliant cut and a princess cut as the cushion cut displays characteristics of both. The resurgence in popularity of 1930s glamour and Art Deco design has also boosted the diamond’s appeal in recent years.

The name is derived from the soft, square pillow or ‘cushion’ shape of the diamond cut. The length and width of a Cushion Cut diamond can vary greatly and it all depends on your personal taste whether you prefer a square-shape Cushion Cut engagement ring or a more rectangular shape.


For Classic Elegance & Romance, Choose Cushion Cut Diamonds

Many modern Cushion Cut engagement ring designs are now set with a halo of smaller diamonds to enhance the centre diamond, however the design options are endless – setting a cushion cut as a solitaire or with side diamonds can also look stunning.

The standard for cutting a Cushion Cut varies more than most diamond cuts, as personal taste has a strong influence in each individual diamonds’ appeal. Cushion Cut diamonds are not given a ‘cut grade’ like Round brilliant cut diamonds are for this reason. The original Cushion Cut, also known as an ‘old mine cut’ has been around for around 200 years and has a distinctive, window, ‘chunky’ look, steeper crowns and smaller tables, often with a visible open culet. These diamonds are prized today in vintage and antique designs. Over time, improvements in technology and experimentation in facet numbers and angles to increase brilliance has resulted in the modern Cushion Cut that you see today. These diamonds often have an additional row of facets on the pavilion of the diamond maximizing the refraction of light and creating what is often known as a ‘crushed ice’ appearance.

We normally recommend choosing cushion cuts with a depth percentage of around 57-69% and a table percentage of 52 – 70%. It is best to avoid diamonds that are excessively deep or shallow in order to achieve the maximum amount of light possible reflected out of the table. When choosing the length to width ratio, it is a very personal preference, as many people prefer elongated Cushion Cuts, whilst others favour a more square Cushion Cut appearance. The Cushion Cut is an incredibly bright and fiery cut of diamond – when you see one in person it is clear why they have become such a popular choice for Engagement ring designs.


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