Interest Free Jewellery

Sometimes a few big purchases in life can all happen at once, and this can be more than a little overwhelming. Often our customers might be planning big life events such as a wedding, honeymoon or even purchasing a house all at around the same time so may not be able to make the payment in full for a very special ring or jewellery gift right now.

An interest free lay-by with MAX Diamonds is an ideal way to start the process of obtaining the piece of fine jewellery that may be out of your immediate price range.

How Our Lay-By Works

Step 1

Get in Touch

Step 2

Choose your diamond

Step 3

15% Deposit

Step 4

Collect your ring

Our lay-bys can run for up to 26 weeks, depending on the value of your order. You make an agreed deposit when you place your lay-by, usually of at least 15 per cent, and we divide the balance into monthly payments.

For your convenience you can also nominate a starting date for your payments based around your pay-day.

When you have reached 50% of the total amount of the invoice we will make the jewellery, and you can come in to approve it and make sure you are 100% happy. We will then store it for you until after you have made your final payment, and then you can collect your jewellery or we can organise for it to be delivered to you (fully covered by our insurance).

Lay-bys can be used for jewellery valued at more than AUS$500.


Lay-bys also take the last minute rush out of creating custom made jewellery – you have many months if needed to plan, discuss and go over as much detail as you want about the design, gemstone type and style you want. Once your jewellery is completed, it is safely and securely stored with us, so you can decide to pick it up at a day and time that suits you.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our Lay-by policy.