Discovering Your Perfect Engagement Ring Inspired by Royal Styles

Apr 3, 2024 | Engagement Rings

A Guide to Finding Your Fairytale Engagement Ring

Royal Engagement Rings

Ever since Prince William presented Kate Middleton with that stunning sapphire ring, the world has been obsessed with royal engagement rings. 

Their timeless elegance and rich history make them a constant source of inspiration for brides-to-be. But who says you need a crown to feel like royalty?

At MAX Diamonds, we believe everyone deserves a fairytale proposal.  That’s why we offer a dazzling collection of engagement rings, some inspired by the grandeur of royal jewels. 

With a variety of styles to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect ring to make your love story shine brighter than a crown.

Preserving the Royal Legacy with Heirloom Pieces 

With such an extensive jewellery collection, it only makes sense that the royal family repurpose pieces so that specific gems can have their time in the spotlight. 

The most famous example of this is Queen Elizabeth II’s engagement ring. Prince Phillip used stones from his mother’s tiara to craft the platinum ring, set with 11 diamonds. 

Do you love pieces that are passed down through the generations? Well, so does the royal family. 

Look no further than Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire cluster ring, which, after her passing, was used by Prince William to propose to Princess Kate. 

If you love Princess Diana’s style, shop our range of similar-style rings. 

Pioneers of Coloured Stones

The royal family are known for pops of colour in their jewellery, with many royals embracing coloured stones as the focal point of their engagement rings. 

Princess Diana, Princess Margaret, Princess Anne and most recently Princess Eugenie, all have coloured engagement rings. 

Due to this, many people recognise the royal family as the pioneers of the coloured engagement ring trend! 

View our range of coloured engagement rings here

Popular Cuts in the Royal Family 

The most popular ring styles in the royal family may not be what immediately springs to mind when someone says ‘engagement ring’. 

Royals tend to embrace the ‘more is more’ approach to rings, showcasing many gems in one ring. 

The two styles that stick out the most to us are halo rings; most often with a coloured stone in the middle; seen on Princess Diana, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

The other common style is a centrepiece stone, with many smaller stones of varying cuts on the outside; seen on Queen Consort Camilla, Princess Beatrice and Queen Elizabeth II. 

Royal Rings at MAX Diamonds: 

Anyone who is looking for a royalty-inspired engagement ring should look no further than MAX Diamonds. 

Do you want to add a personalised touch to your engagement ring? Book a consultation with us and we can walk you through your options to find the ring of your dreams.

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