Who Walks Down the Aisle in a Same-Sex Wedding?

Oct 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you and your loved one have decided to tie the knot, now comes the exciting (and stressful) process of planning your wedding. When it comes to same-sex marriages, one of the most common questions we hear is, “Who should walk down the aisle”? Like any other wedding planning question, the answer: it’s completely up to you! 

You can use your aisle entries as a way to share your story and relationship with your guests. Whether you decide to adopt, change, or completely scrap the wedding procession, we’ve pulled together some great entrance alternatives to make your wedding just right for you.

Take the traditional approach

Just as there’s nothing wrong with doing something unique, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to stick to something more traditional, as there are many different LGBTQ relationships. If you and your partner have discussed this together and agreed on a plan, embrace it and treasure that moment when you first see your loved one on the aisle.

Walk down together

Entering and proceeding down the aisle together sends a beautiful message to your guests that you and your partner are equals in life. Rather than one partner being “given away” to another, entering together shows that the two of you are embarking on this next big journey as a unified team.

Walk down two aisles

If you’d both like your own grand entrance, consider walking down separate aisles and meeting in the middle (if your ceremony venue allows this). That said, taking this route can be tricky as we’ve often heard guests say that they did not know who to focus their attention on.

Walk down with your parents

Rather than having the Father of the Bride walk her down the aisle, many gay couples are choosing to have both parents accompany them down the aisle. This is a beautiful way to acknowledge the role your parents have played in your life and recognise them as equal contributors.

Be stationed at the front

Alternatively, if you do not have any attendants or bridal party, you could skip the fuss altogether and have the two of you already at the front with the celebrant when your guests arrive. This route is perfect for couples who want something short and sweet without any unnecessary frills.

Whatever you decide, the important thing is to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Just don’t forget to choose some gorgeous same-sex wedding rings before the day!

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