Which Finger for a Same Sex Wedding Ring?

Nov 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

If you’re searching for the perfect same sex diamond engagement or wedding rings for you and your partner, you might know there are various options for which finger you’ll wear your new bands on. Here are some of the various options to help you decide.

The traditional left hand

Of course, the ring finger of the left hand is the traditional finger to wear engagement and wedding rings on in the Western world, with the ritual dating all the way back to Roman times. It was believed that this finger contained a vein that pumped blood directly to the heart, adding a sentimental significance to this particular digit. It’s a common choice for many couples and as it’s known as the wedding ring finger, it sends a clear message about your relationship to the world.

The modern right hand

In some cultures and religions it’s common to wear the engagement or wedding ring on the right hand. In traditional Jewish communities, for example, the wedding band is often worn on the right index finger. 

In recent years it’s been a popular choice for same sex couples to wear their rings on their right ring finger, mirroring the traditional left ring finger. For some couples, this is intended to keep their relationship private and personal. For others, it’s a proud statement that their love is unique and distinctive. 

Alternative options

There’s really no set rule to say which finger you should wear your rings on, and there are a variety of other options to consider for your wedding bands. Some people choose to wear their rings on chains around their necks, which also has a practical advantage if you work in industrial or healthcare environments. One Victorian tradition saw married men wear their wedding band on their pinkie finger. If they also had a signet ring this would be worn over the top (Theodore Roosevelt was one high-profile follower of this custom). 

Other people might choose their non-dominant hand for their ring so they can play instruments, write or otherwise use their favoured hand without it getting in the way. You might both wish to wear your rings on the same finger of the same hand, or both wear them on different fingers as per your individual preference. 

Your love, your choice

Any and all of these choices are suitable for any type of couple, and you can choose to wear your engagement and wedding bands in any way you prefer. Ultimately, it’s your love – and completely your choice! 

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