Which Diamond Cut Has the Best Sparkle?

Feb 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

If you’ve ever been shopping for diamonds you’ll know to look out for carat, colour and clarity. Did you also know that the cut of a diamond is one of the most important factors to consider? The reason is that different diamond cuts produce very different sparkling effects, due to light reflecting off the outside angles and bouncing back to the top surface. If you’re looking for the ultimate sparkle in your engagement ring, take a look at exactly which diamond cuts produce the best brilliance and fire.  

Round brilliant diamonds

There’s a reason round brilliant diamond ring designs are so popular these days. With their round shape and many facets, round brilliant diamonds offer the best brilliance of all the diamond cuts. As with every diamond cut, it’s imperative that these diamonds are shaped at the right depth to ensure the light refracts back up through the surface, rather than through the base or side of the gemstone. 

Cushion cut diamonds 

The stunning square shape of the cushion cut diamond compromises a little sparkle for its vintage-looking style, with around 60% of the refractive quality of a round brilliant – although modern versions have vastly improved the sparkle of this classic shape. One benefit is that while a round brilliant offers better colourless light known as brilliance, a cushion cut typically offers more fire, which describes the effect of light splitting into different colours upon entering the gemstone.  

Princess cut diamonds

If you love the look of a princess cut diamond, you’ll be choosing a design that’s made to shine. The square shape features detailed facets which refract at about 70% as effectively as the round brilliant. Along with its dazzling qualities, a princess cut diamond also looks exceptionally beautiful in almost any setting, explaining why it is so well loved.

Oval cut diamonds

Oval cut diamonds have much the same shape and facets as a round brilliant diamond, and therefore its refraction properties sit at around 90% of the round brilliant standard. The other benefit of an oval diamond is that the shape is elongated, giving the appearance of a larger stone in a ring or pendant setting. 

Pear cut diamonds

A pear shaped diamond features one half in a round shape with the other tapering to an elongated point. Quality, symmetrical pear cut diamonds with minimal flaws can provide a reflection rate of approximately 90% of the round brilliant, making this shape ideal for glittering engagement rings. 

Other diamond shapes

Each one of the other various diamond shapes offers its own refractive qualities due to their shape and facets. A baguette cut diamond, a style that was popular in the 1930s, typically refracts just 45% of the light that a round brilliant does, and the similarly-dated emerald cut a little more at 60%. An oval or a marquise cut diamond (shaped like an eye with two pointed ends) refracts up to 90% as much as a round brilliant. 

Remember, a diamond’s quality is not all about its sparkle. It’s also about its clarity, colour, carat and its setting. Your final choice for diamond ring designs should be completely up to your personal taste. The other thing to remember is that for your diamond to truly shine, you will need to choose quality diamonds that have been cut by professional craftsmen. To find your perfect piece, visit MAX Diamonds and view our diamond engagement rings and loose diamonds today.

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