What is the tradition of eternity rings?

May 17, 2022 | Ring Designs

Eternity rings are timelessly elegant pieces of jewellery, identifiable by their striking row of diamonds that typically encompass the circumference of the ring.

The traditions and customs associated with eternity rings have evolved over the centuries. While we typically equate eternity rings with wedding anniversaries, their elegant design means they can easily be worn or gifted at any point in a person’s life.

With both distinctive and classic styles available, eternity rings are perfectly suited to sit solo on your finger or alongside your wedding and engagement rings.

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When should you get an eternity ring?

The tradition of gifting eternity rings has existed for thousands of years. The tradition of eternity rings finds its origins in Ancient Egypt, where the circle was considered a symbol of eternity, perfection and peace. People would gift their loved ones eternity rings crafted from woven reeds and leather to celebrate marriage and other special occasions.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that our modern notion of eternity rings as anniversary gifts was consolidated. Since then, it has become popular for couples to celebrate their first wedding anniversary by purchasing a diamond eternity ring.

Of course, you don’t have to be married to wear an eternity ring. Diamond eternity rings can be enjoyed by anyone celebrating a milestone, whether it’s a birthday, a special holiday, an engagement or graduation – if something is special to you, then it deserves to be commemorated with something beautiful and permanent.

What finger do you wear an eternity ring on?

If you wear an engagement and wedding together , then it’s traditional to wear your diamond eternity ring on top of your engagement ring, which is in turn stacked upon your wedding ring.

For people who don’t consider their eternity ring an anniversary ring, the options for wearing it are endless. The elegant appearance of an eternity ring is perfect for sitting solo on your finger of choice. Or,you can make a statement by stacking similar styles of diamond eternity rings and curate a cohesive row of complementing rings. A popular trend involves collecting eternity rings at significant points in your life and then assembling them on a single finger as a sentimental dedication to your personal achievements.

What styles do diamond eternity rings come in?

There are numerous styles and settings available for diamond eternity rings. Gold is the most common metal used for the band and setting, and there is a vast range of eternity rings available in white, yellow or rose gold. Classic platinum eternity rings are also a popular option for those preferring a pale ring colour. And if you can’t decide on a colour, why not choose a unique ring design that incorporates a combination of metals?

In terms of style, the two most commonly used designs for eternity rings are full eternity rings and half eternity rings. Diamonds circulate the entire length of a full eternity ring band, while half eternity rings will only have diamonds set in half of the band’s circumference. There are also two-third or three-quarter eternity rings that provide the appearance of a complete eternity ring, as the small strip of plain metal is neatly hidden on the underside of your finger.

The setting of an eternity ring also comprises an important part of its design. The most common settings of eternity rings include:

Claw settings are a traditional setting style for diamond eternity rings. This type of setting typically secures each diamond with four metal prongs that extend from the band. Two claw settings are an alternative option for claw set eternity rings that provide a clean fusion between each diamond.

A channel setting seamlessly connects the row of diamonds within a metal channel. Each diamond is set closely to another with no metal in between, giving the illusion of a continuous clean line of diamonds with no distractions from claws or beads.

The bead and pavé setting styles is another popular choice for eternity rings. Small round beads of metal are raised from the ring, segmenting each diamond and securing them into a single row. Two or more rows of diamonds are known as Pavé. The polished metal prongs or beads that secure the stones are typically numerous and small, further contributing to the diamond’s light reflection.

Bezel set eternity rings are less common than the above settings, but are equally beautiful.

Each diamond within a bezel set ring is individually set in a rim of metal and the single row of settings forms a complete ring. Or, if you opt for a half eternity ring, the bezel set diamonds will span half of the ring, with the other half remaining bare.

The style, colour and setting you choose is ultimately based upon personal preference. If you are stacking your eternity ring next to another ring, don’t be afraid to play with different combinations of settings or metal colours for a striking end result. Stacked rings look particularly stunning when each ring contributes a different diamond cut or size to the overall arrangement.

Celebrate the endless nature of true love with an eternity ring

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