What Does a Promise Ring Actually Promise?

Jun 24, 2021 | Engagement Stories

A promise ring is a beautiful message of commitment, love and faithfulness between two people. Traditionally, these rings were given as a sign to take a relationship seriously and symbolised its hope for the future. However, these days, promise rings can be used to signify a variety of meanings and relationships.

What is the history of promise rings?

Early writings show us that a version of promise rings existed in the Late Middle Ages, with men giving posy rings to their paramours as a token of love. These rings were often inscribed with romantic phrases like “love conquers all” or “united hearts, death only parts”. Later on, during the Georgian and Victorian periods, promise rings became more intricate, with jewels being used to spell out secret meanings. For example, the stones Lapis, Opal, Verdelite Tourmaline and Emerald might be used as the first letter of each jewel would spell out the word L.O.V.E.

Who can you give a promise ring to?

As we said before, promise rings were traditionally exchanged between a couple as a sign that the relationship was serious and may end up in engagement. However, these days, promise rings can hold a variety of meanings. While some couples do exchange them in a romantic relationship to show an intent to get engaged in the future, they can also be used to symbolise the unbreakable bond of friendship or family. For example, a promise ring could be used to show the bond between two best friends, between siblings, or between a parent and a child.

You can even buy yourself a promise ring as an act of self-love! Buying a promise ring for yourself shows your commitment to staying inspired and dedicated to your goals and is a reminder to treat yourself with compassion and kindness.

Both men and women can wear promise rings as well! This versatility makes promise rings the perfect gift for a special occasion, whether it be a birthday, graduation, anniversary or celebration of a major achievement.

What does a promise ring look like?

Unlike engagement rings, promise rings tend to have a simpler design. However, there’s no reason you can’t go big and bold with your promise ring! There are so many different styles and looks you can choose from when selecting a promise ring – simply pick one that suits your personality best.

Finally, when it comes to wearing a promise ring, these are usually worn on the same finger as your engagement ring or wedding band. That said, you could wear your promise ring on any finger you wish – what matters is its significance to you and how you feel when you wear it.

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