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Aug 1, 2023 | Engagement Rings, Ring Designs

If you’re inspired to find the perfect, unique engagement rings for its elegance and beauty, we’ve got you covered.

At MAX Diamonds we design and hand make new jewellery of every kind to satisfy all of you creatives: the old soul who cherishes a family heirloom; the lover of timeless vintage design; the individual with imagination.

Your inspiration might also have a more contemporary feel and we can help you with that too! Whether it’s a simple bezel set diamond ring or a complex art deco inspiration, you’re bound to find your creative expression with us.

Timeless vintage inspired design

Typically, Victorian jewellery featured decorative details like beautifully engraved gold work. The Medieval influence was strong with the use of fleurs de lys and pointed arch motifs and romantic rose and heart shaped images.

They featured diamonds alongside coloured gems like ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst and garnet and later, softer pinks like tourmalines and garnets.

Halo design

A design that’s Victorian influenced features a halo of small diamonds set around a single gem. It creates drama by helping a central diamond appear larger and when surrounding a coloured gemstone, a halo of brilliance gives it focus.

Mille grain edge

Mille grain edge detailing is reminiscent of vintage jewellery style of the late 19th to early 20th centuries. It’s French for ‘a thousand grains’ and refers to the tiny beads of metal used to create scalloped borders around diamonds and gemstones. The jeweller works with a precision edging tool, instantly creating a vintage look to anything from solitaires to halos.

Art Nouveau style

From 1890 to around 1910, a new ornamental style flourished in architecture and the arts. Art Nouveau celebrated nature with organic shapes and sweeping curves. In the 1960’s the style made a comeback.

In jewellery style during both periods, it meant curving organic forms and plant inspired details: random jewel clusters, sweeping rows paved with diamonds, curving twisted gold forming the structure, plant inspired patterns in the detail.

Art Deco

Influenced by architecture of the 1920’s and 30’s (think Empire State Building), Art Deco style jewellery is about geometric form, sleek straight-edge style and aerodynamic curves, and bold colours.

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Think also of diamonds in round, Asccher, baguette and emerald cuts, featuring the rich colours of sapphire in pink, blue and yellow, or bright red rubies and emerald greens.


The 1970’s transformed our world with science and technology: the development of early computers and lasers, research and exploration of the universe.

Jewellery design went functional and pared back, with simplified form in lieu of a decorated finish. The designs became all about unembellished gold, blocky claws or sleek bezel settings for diamonds and gemstones of all shapes and sizes.

Your unique engagement ring awaits

Our team of designers, gemmologists and jewellers at MAX Diamonds can use the design elements that you especially love to make you the ring of your dreams.

tion for a ring from MAX Diamonds is a great way to add meaning to your jewellery. It ensures you a unique engagement ring which, much like your love, lasts the test of time.

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