Top Engagement Ring Trends Of 2019 & What To Expect For 2020

Dec 3, 2019 | Engagement Rings, Engagement Stories, Ring Designs

2019 saw a departure from the traditional diamond solitaire ring, and 2020 looks to be travelling along the same trend. From vintage-inspired designs to gems in every colour of the rainbow, engagement rings are now a chance for brides to showcase their individual style and personality. Here are the styles that you can expect to see sticking around for a little while longer.

Write  about the popular engagement rings and trends that we have had throughout 2019 – from delicate halos to contemporary three stone rings to detailed galleries and more.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

Throughout the year, we’ve been seeing vintage-style rings becoming more popular. Whether it’s Art Deco or Georgian, designs with detail are making a comeback. Think geometric cuts, pearls, intricate filigree, bordered designs, and clusters of jewels.

Take a look at our:

Pear Shaped Diamond Halo Ring  Princess Cut Cushion Halo Ring
Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Ring  Emerald Cut Art Deco Ring

Coloured Stones

Ladies who love a pop of colour are loving the trend which sees a departure from the traditional white diamond, with many now embracing emeralds, rubies, sapphires and more. That said, if you’re still a diamond-lover at heart, there’s no reason you can’t go for a gorgeous coloured diamond in champagne, pink, or even black!

Take a look at our:

Oval Cut Emerald and White Gold Ring  Ceylonese Sapphire Ring
Black Spinel, Ruby and Diamond Ring  Pear Shaped Yellow Diamond Ring

Emerald Cuts

The sleek and sexy lines of an emerald-cut diamond are also seeing a return to the fore. 2019 saw many brides moving away from traditional round diamonds to styles that were more unusual, but we’re seeing a particular focus on the geometric emerald. Whether you choose to have your stone set horizontally or vertically, an emerald-cut is sure to grab the attention of people around you.

Take a look at our:

Classic Emerald Cut Diamond Ring  Emerald Cut Ring Set Lengthways
Two Tone Emerald Cut Diamond Ring  Emerald Cut with Baguette Diamonds

Rose Gold

Another trend we’re seeing is brides looking at alternative metals to white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Rose gold is proving to be increasingly popular, thanks to its ability to match any skin tone. What’s more, it’s warm glow and gentle tint give it a vintage feel, while also feeling current and fresh.

Take a look at our:

Rose Gold Diamond Band  Champagne Diamond Double Halo Ring
Rose Gold and Moonstone Ring  Stackable Three Tone Rings

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