Top 4 Valentines Day Proposals

Mar 25, 2019 | Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Engagement Stories, Ring Designs, Wedding Stories

Creativity is hard, but when it comes to popping the question on the most romantic day of the year, going the extra mile will definitely score you bonus brownie points for the effort. These people took marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day to the next level with some spectacular, unique, and truly heartwarming proposals, and serve as inspiration for those who may be stuck for ideas when it’s time to ask your special someone to marry you.

Proposal on Ellen

Although this isn’t a proposal that’s easy for everyone to pull off, it was a romantic surprise in front of a massive audience that (luckily) paid off well for the lovestruck Wendell and girlfriend, Nina. As Ellen presents a Valentine’s Day segment about terrible couple photos, she shows one that a woman in the audience recognises, however her boyfriend is in the bathroom. Ellen invites the audience member, Nina, on stage and reads the letter that accompanied the submitted photo. As Ellen reads the heartfelt romantic letter, Wendell appears behind Nina and surprises her with a proposal. A beautiful moment with a happily ever after. 

Message in a bottle

Romance? Tick. Scenic location? Tick. Surprise? Tick. Creativity? Double tick! This Valentine’s Day proposal really has everything. To propose to his girlfriend, Jordan crafted an elaborate plan. While on a sailing trip on Valentine’s Day, the captain discovers a mysterious message in a bottle. He asks Jordan’s girlfriend, Thea, to open it and read what it says. Inside is a beautiful letter from Jordan that she reads aloud before he finally gets down on one knee, presents her with a stunning ring, and pops the question.

Elaborate Bollywood movie production

This Valentine’s Day proposal definitely went above and beyond in terms of surprise-factor and creativity. Shaneel decided to propose to his girlfriend, Alyshah, so when she and her family went to the cinema, she was in for the surprise of her life. Instead of seeing a regular movie, Shaneel had made an elaborate Bollywood-style short film detailing his fantastical trip from Atlanta, Georgia to be with his girlfriend, all culminating in him arriving in the cinema, getting down on one knee, and asking her to be his wife.

Billboard on Times Square

This year, the Times Square Alliance offered couples the opportunity to share the love on Valentine’s Day. With couples from around the world flocking to New York City for Valentine’s Day, it provided the perfect spot for people to pop the question.People submitted their love stories so that they could get help proposing to the loves of their lives, and a billboard right in the middle of the Big Apple sure made a lot of couples overjoyed.

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