Tips to Finding Your Perfect Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Nov 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

Are you looking for a gorgeous engagement ring? Deciding on the right shape for your engagement ring can be a difficult decision. Are you more of a brilliant round person? Or do you want something completely different, like an emerald cut? For brides who want to stand out, there’s nothing more elegant or stunning than a pear-shaped diamond. A cross between the marquise and round brilliant cut, this stunning shape has been around for 500 years.

Also called the teardrop shape, pear-shaped diamonds have long been popular with drop earrings and pendants. However, more brides are placing this stone centre-stage – and no wonder! With 58 facets, the pear cut gives stones an unparalleled sparkle, making it the “pear-fect” engagement ring.

What are the pros of a pear cut diamond engagement ring?

Aside from their unique shape, pear-shaped diamonds have a number of advantages when compared to other cuts. For example, did you know that pear cuts actually look larger than round cuts due to their elongated shape? In fact, if you measure the surface area, pear shaped diamonds are actually 8% larger! This means that even the smallest diamond will make a large statement.

The second advantage of pear cut engagement rings is that their shape elongates fingers and makes your hands and fingers look longer and more elegant. Their versatile style also suits various looks, ranging from vintage and classic to modern and trendy.

Of course, all cuts have disadvantages. In the case of pear-shaped diamonds, the tip of the diamond can be prone to chipping. Therefore, when setting the diamond, the prongs should be placed carefully to prevent any damage.

What shape should my pear diamond be?

Above all, when looking at a pear cut diamond, you should look for symmetry. The point of your diamond should line up with the apex of the rounded end, and the curves on either side should be symmetrical with no straight edges. Some diamonds may appear narrower or more squat, but this will largely vary based on your personal preferences.

What are the measurements of the perfect pear-shaped diamond?

Generally speaking, we have found that most people prefer a length to width ratio (L/W) of 1.45-1.75 in their diamonds. However, as stated above, the exact measurement will vary based on the diamond itself and your preferences.

For example, a narrower pear cut diamond would be ideal for drop earrings, while a slightly wider diamond would take centre stage on an engagement ring. If you are working with smaller diamonds, ratios of 1.60-1.75 tend to work best, but again, this is completely up to you.When it comes to engagement rings, trust the experts. Get in touch with the team at Max Diamonds today or view our extensive range of diamonds.

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