The Difference Between Brown and Champagne Diamonds

Feb 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

The earliest fancy coloured type of diamond known to be set into jewellery, brown diamonds have been loved at least since the Romans began fashioning them into ring settings in the second century. These accessible gemstones are available in a spectacular range of colours and tones, frankly making it difficult to choose a favourite. We’ve put together a quick explanation to help you on your search for beautiful brown and champagne diamond rings in Sydney.

Brown diamonds

The term ‘brown diamonds’ encompasses the entire range of coloured diamond with a brown tone, which can be pure in colour or include a shade of yellow, orange and even pink or purple. Brown diamonds are also sourced in a wide range of colour strengths, ranging from champagne all the way through to deep cognac.  

Champagne diamonds 

Champagne diamonds are typically on the lighter brown scale, reminiscent of the elegance and joy of the sparkling beverage we all know and love. Champagne diamonds tend to be on the cooler, yellower side of the spectrum, although the pink champagne is a highly coveted variation, and all look exquisite set next to colourless diamonds and lustrous pearls. 

Cognac diamonds

Cognac refers to the darker varieties of brown diamond that display a warm hue, typically from a red or orange tone. You can see why this term is used when you’re staring into the mesmerising depths of this strength of diamond colour, as the intensity of the stone certainly conjures up the beautiful silkiness and heat of high quality liquor.  

Golden diamonds

Golden diamonds describe a tone that sits somewhere between yellow and brown. Rich, golden and often honey-coloured, golden diamonds look spectacular against white gold or platinum. The largest faceted diamond in the world is in fact a yellow brown diamond called the Golden Jubilee, weighing in at an awe-inspiring 545.67 carats.

Big, brown and beautiful 

One of the benefits of brown diamonds is that they are more easily sourced than most other fancy coloured diamonds and therefore they are significantly more affordable. You can secure a larger brown diamond for a much lower price than you might pay for an equivalent white diamond, making these gorgeous gemstones an ideal showcase centrepiece for an engagement or anniversary ring surrounded by a halo of crisp white diamonds.

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