How to Lovingly Remodel an Heirloom Ring into Your Custom Wedding Band

Jul 28, 2020 | Ring Designs

If you’ve received an heirloom ring, you’ll understand the weight of the memories that come with it. Whether it’s an old family engagement ring that’s been passed down through the generations or antique with a unique story behind it, it’s important to maintain the sentimentality, respect and meaning behind the piece.

However, styles and tastes change from person to person and although you may love the meaning behind the ring, you may not love its design. In these instances, many people may let the ring sit in the back of the jewellery box. However, here at Max Diamonds, we believe that all pieces of jewellery deserve to be celebrated and should see the light of day. So, if you have an heirloom ring that isn’t quite to your liking, why not consider remodelling it?

Remodelling and redesigning an old ring is a great way to keep the memories of your loved ones close to you while adding your own unique touch. What’s more, there are a wide variety of ways you can make it your own and give it a new beginning.

Repair it

If the heirloom piece is perfect as it is but just looks a little worn down, talk to your jeweller about repairing it. They can add more gold to the band, retip the claws or add features to make sure that your jewellery is structurally sound, ensuring your ring is wearable for many more years to come!

Modernise it

Some jewellery designs may go out of style, but this doesn’t mean you need to stop wearing your ring! Talk to your jewellery designer about repurposing the existing stones and placing them into a new setting, breathing fresh life into an antique piece.

Add some sparkle

If you want something with glitz and sparkle but your heirloom ring is fairly simple and understated, why not consider adding in some extra jewels? Solitaire rings can be supplemented with a diamond band, a small diamond could be utilised as part of a larger piece, or you could add some coloured gems on either side – the possibilities are endless! 

Go for gold

You may also love the design of your heirloom ring but find that the colour of the band doesn’t suit your taste or skin tone. If that’s the case, why not remodel your heirloom ring with a different wedding band? If you have other pieces of jewellery, you could also melt down and combine the metals to form your new band. After all, remodelling is such a versatile process that you don’t just need to utilise one piece of jewellery. When remodelling a ring, you can use several different keepsakes to create one unique piece that will hold extra meaning.

There are so many ways to remodel an heirloom ring into a custom wedding ring set. Whether you choose to change the stones, setting or metal, remodelling is a great way to preserve the memory and sentimental value of an existing piece while customising it to suit your personal style. Here at Max Diamonds, we offer a bespoke jewellery remodelling service and give your heirloom ring a fresh start. Get in touch today to find out more.

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