Diamond Style Guide: Jewellery Styling Tips

Feb 15, 2022 | Diamonds

The timeless and versatile nature of diamonds makes them perfect for complementing any outfit in your wardrobe. While diamonds are beautiful on their own, knowing how to best style them can make all the difference in highlighting their natural radiance.

Use these expert styling hacks to accentuate your unique style through your current diamond jewellery collection, or consider them when purchasing your next piece of custom personalised jewellery. Our affordable custom jewellery in Sydney makes it easy to match your personal style with your diamond jewellery.

Matching your metals makes for easy pairings

Most of us have heard the saying that cool skin tones look best with silver and white gold jewellery, while warmer tones better suit yellow and rose gold metal settings. As jewellery sits against your skin, it’s important that you consider which metal best enhances your natural colouring.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Consider incorporating warmth to your winter outfit by wearing yellow or rose gold jewellery. In summertime, white gold can make a cool and refreshing addition to your warm weather clothes. No matter what colour metal you prefer, selecting pieces of jewellery made of the same metal will allow for a more coordinated look when pairing different pieces together.

Everyday looks

Any outfit can be improved by a piece of diamond jewellery. While some jewellery pieces are designed to be swapped in and out, most of us have a favourite piece of ‘everyday jewellery’ that we never take off. Everyday jewellery has the versatility to turn the most casual of apparel into a classic outfit. If you’re looking for an everyday piece of classic jewellery, try a simple pair of diamond studs or hoop earrings. A delicate, shorter necklace finished off with a single diamond or pendant is another much loved piece of everyday jewellery.

If you’re a confident person wanting to make a statement, consider multiple layers and strong combinations of shapes and colours within your jewellery.

Choose a statement piece and match it

If you are accessorising for a formal event, you want to select one focal piece of diamond jewellery. Then, you can choose subsidiary pieces of jewellery that will compliment your statement piece. Try pairing a bold choker necklace encrusted with diamonds with simple diamond studs. Or, ensure your chandelier earrings catch the eye by leaving your neck bare, and instead wear a diamond eternity ring or tennis bracelet.

Styling for your face shape

Different face shapes will suit different styles of jewellery.

If you have a round face, consider wearing longer earrings that incorporate a vertical drop, such as chandelier earrings. Detailed necklaces with pear shaped, marquise and oval shaped diamonds will have a similar effect at lengthening your face.

People with square shaped faces look particularly striking wearing jewellery with rounded, soft shapes. A single, fine chain finished with a bold rounded or curvy pendant will soften your features. For earrings, square shaped faces look best with rounded, fluid earrings that frame their face by adding length to the jawline.

Heart shaped faces pair well with shorter necklaces that add plenty of volume. This includes collars, chokers and princess length necklaces, which will all work to boldly accentuate your jawline. Geometric earrings that sit closely to your face or long drop earrings will have a similar effect at adding balance to your face.

Oval face shapes are lucky in that all styles of jewellery will work well, as long as they are proportionate to the rest of your features. Mirror the length and curves of your face by wearing chandelier or hoop earrings. Soft, open link chains on your necklaces will also look particularly stunning against your face’s natural curves.

Consider your outfit’s neckline

As with any accessory, you should contemplate what jewellery shape or aesthetic will work best for your specific outfit.

Short and choker length necklaces matched with simple studs will best flatter a round neckline. A high neckline, meanwhile, will look gorgeous with a longer, simple necklace finished with a single diamond. If your neckline is particularly detailed, you may want to forgo a necklace and instead choose a bold pair of drop, chandelier or dangle earrings.

Whether it’s fine, bespoke or Australian custom jewellery, get in touch with our custom jewellery makers in Sydney to learn more about Max Diamond’s stunning collection.

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