Choosing an engagement ring to suit your hand and fingers

Sep 19, 2022 | Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry, it can be one of the biggest and most sentimental purchases that will last a lifetime. It’s important to get it right.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring, and none more important than the wearer’s finger and hand size.

Yes, everyone’s preferences and style are different, but will the ring compliment their hand and fingers? What may look stunning on petite fingers may not suit others, while rings with larger designs may overwhelm petite fingers but be a perfect match for those with larger fingers and hands. It’s all about balance.

At MAX Diamonds, we’re committed to finding your forever ring. So, let’s go through our list of finger and hand shapes and the rings options that will be the most flattering.

Engagement rings for long and/or petite fingers

Elongated diamond shapes like emerald cut, oval shape, marquise shape, rectangular radiant cuts and pear shapes will complete hands with longer fingers.

Engagement rings for short fingers

For shorter fingers, you want to make them appear longer. Like for petite fingers, elongated diamond shapes (like emerald or marquise cut and oval or pear shape) will give the illusion of lengthening s and slimming shorter fingers.

These types of diamonds paired with a vertical setting and finer bands will best suit shorter fingers. It’s also best to avoid large diamonds and thick bands as anything with a wide surface area will seem disproportionate.

Engagement rings for larger fingers

It’s best to avoid small ring or thin bands as it can accentuate the thickness of larger shaped fingers and hands. Three stone rings will keep the ring in proportion to the finger size as it can cover the width of the finger.

Larger or high carat diamonds are also a good choice for this finger type, if your budget permits. Alternatively, halo ring designs – a larger diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds – can increase the size of the ring while keeping within a conservative price range.

What diamond will suit every hand and finger type?

Round brilliant cut solitaire. The diamond is large enough to suit larger shapes, while seeming grand on smaller ones.

What will suit my skin tone?

Warm skin tones

Yellow gold, rose gold and copper-toned metals best compliment warm skin tones.

While earthy coloured gemstones like pink, yellow and champagne diamonds and rubies will be your best choice.

Cool skin tones

For those with cool skin tones, white metals like silver, platinum, white gold and also rose gold are for you

Bright and lively gemstones best suit your skin tone, including blue, purple and green sapphires.

Important questions to consider when choosing your engagement ring

If you have larger fingers and hands, will you feel comfortable wearing a large diamond ring every day?

Is your ring choice practical for your lifestyle? For example, can you wear it to work and could a flatter band of diamonds or a ring stack be preferred over a protruding diamond?

Could a gemstone rather than a diamond better suit your budget?

Bespoke ring designs

To get a ring that not only suits your finger and hand type, but also your personality and taste, talk to our team about custom designing your engagement ring.

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