A Buyer’s Guide to Eternity Rings

Nov 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

Whether you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary, your 30th anniversary or the birth of your first little one, a diamond eternity band is a breathtaking way to honour the occasion. What should you look for in an eternity ring design? Read on for traditional and modern ideas. 

What do classic eternity ring designs look like?

The traditional eternity, infinity or ‘ladies’ ring consists of an unbroken ring of sparkling diamonds set in a thin band. These may be round brilliant cut diamonds in a claw setting, princess cut diamonds in a bar setting or an emerald cut eternity band featuring a full circle of rectangular diamonds. The unbroken line of an eternity ring symbolises the deepening of your love as time goes on.

Which finger are eternity bands worn on?

Some eternity ring designs can be worn next to an engagement and wedding ring, while other women prefer to wear them separately on the third finger of the left hand. If worn together, the traditional order is to wear your wedding band closest to your heart, then your engagement ring followed by your eternity ring. 

Modern eternity ring styles

In more recent years there have been new takes on the classic eternity ring design, with some featuring twisted bands, coloured stones and more elaborate designs. Others feature a solitaire diamond or central design, particularly if worn on a separate finger. Truth be told, you can choose whichever ring style suits your personal taste and existing rings best, or even have a custom design created for you by our designers.

Which metal should I choose?

Again, this comes down to personal choice. The recent swing towards whiter metals means that platinum and white gold are both very popular for diamond eternity rings, however yellow and rose gold can also provide a striking contrast for flawless white diamonds. 

Curved eternity bands

If you plan to wear your eternity band next to your engagement ring, you might consider a curved eternity band which will sit snugly around the other ring’s feature stone setting. This can not only ensure a better fit, but can also look as though the rings are designed to be worn together. 

Adding meaningful touches

Tiny details can create significant meaning with jewellery design. You could consider choosing gemstones that start with the first letter of your child’s name, or integrate your wife’s birthstone into her new eternity ring as a thoughtful addition. If you have an idea, we can make it a reality.  

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