5 of the Best Same Sex Proposals Ever

Feb 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

What better way to celebrate the new Australian same sex marriage legislation than watching some of the best same sex wedding proposals around? These are five of our favourites from here and overseas that will bring on the happy tears.

Ryan and Clayton with a bookstore proposal

If you’re thinking about proposing, your partner’s favourite place is a good place to start. That’s exactly what Ryan chose when he proposed to Clayton, setting up a path of friends through his favourite bookstore on the way to a personalised book about their relationship. Ryan was waiting at the end where he presented Clayton with the ring (after he finally managed to retrieve it from his pocket!). It’s such a sweet, simple and memorable proposal.


Danielle and Michelle with a concert proposal

Rapper Macklemore was at the centre of a defining moment in Australia’s path to marriage equality when he performed Same Love at the 2017 NRL grand final. He was also at the centre of Danielle and Michelle’s very special engagement in Omaha, Nebraska in 2013, when Danielle bent one knee on stage following that very same song. The love between the two women (and the joy of the crowd) are clear. 


DeAndre and Stu with an extravagant proposal 

This same sex proposal is an exuberant celebration of love! DeAndre seated Stu in the back of a moving car and then proceeded to bring in over 40 family members and friends in an epic dance marathon complete with ribbon twirling, twerking and choir robes. DeAndre even changed costume four times throughout the song! It’s an unforgettable proposal and it clearly reflects the two men’s personalities. 


Tim and Ryan with a parliamentary proposal

And now, for a beautiful proposal a little closer to home that was celebrated around Australia. MP Tim Wilson was giving a speech on marriage equality in the House of Representatives when he took the chance to ask his partner Ryan Bolger to marry him. Ryan said yes from the gallery with a big smile, there was a huge round of applause and the acting speaker requested the response to be recorded in Hansard. 


Sarah and Megan with a proposal from Pa

Well, this Aussie moment might just be the cutest proposal we’ve ever seen. Sarah showed this video to Megan on the beach where they had spent a lot of time together. The video shows Sarah’s grandparents, ‘Nan’ and ‘Pa’, warmly welcoming Megan into the family and asking her to please marry their granddaughter. At the time, Pa had given just months to live, making his involvement in the pair’s proposal incredibly special and meaningful. 


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