5 Ideas for Remodelling Your Jewellery

Jul 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

A new jewellery piece is wonderful, but there is something incredibly special about bringing the beauty out of a sentimental piece from your jewellery box. Take a look through these five ideas for remodelling old, beloved, out-of-date or damaged jewellery.

Have a family engagement ring remodelled

If you have an engagement ring that has been passed down through generations of your family but just isn’t the right style to be worn these days, all is not lost. With the right jeweller you can reinvent that piece to honour its past and embrace the future. There are endless ideas to remodel an engagement ring. The new design may feature style aspects of the old engagement ring or completely reinvent the design to a more modern style, ready to be cherished for many more generations. What does an engagement ring remodelling cost? It can be actually surprisingly affordable to reuse existing diamonds and gemstones. 

Recreate a beloved design

You may have a jewellery piece that you have loved to pieces – literally. Maybe a family member gave you a beautiful ring years ago and it’s starting to show some wear and tear, or you would like to recreate a piece in the highest quality possible because you wear it so often. Perhaps you would like a new pendant to match a pair of earrings that you have had for over a decade. Our designers can rebuild and replicate existing designs so you will always be wearing the style you adore.

Consolidate all of your old and broken gold pieces

Do you have some odd gold earrings or broken chains floating around in your jewellery box, or simply have gold pieces that you don’t love wearing anymore? They could be put to good use instead. Our jewellers can melt down old gold pieces and create completely fresh designs that you can love and wear regularly. The style will look brand new and fond memories can be combined into one treasured piece.

Merge and combine gemstones

Many of our clients ask us to combine several pieces of jewellery into one design. Your tastes may have changed since you started investing in quality jewellery, or perhaps you’d like to combine your wedding and engagement ring into one new style. We can combine diamonds and gemstones from multiple designs and bring them together in a recreated or new design. You may also prefer a change from gold to white gold, or gold to platinum. 

MAX Diamonds specialises in remodelling old jewellery in Sydney and we can work closely with you to find the perfect creative solution, including a detailed drawing of the piece before it is created. Call 02 9231 3454to arrange an initial consultation with our remodelling jewellers today.

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