4 of the Best Engagement Ring Hiding Places

Jan 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

The search for diamond engagement rings is over and you have chosen a style that you know your partner will adore. The next challenge is keeping that ring a secret until the moment you pop the question! We speak with so many couples who are engaged (or about to be), so here are the four top hiding spots we hear about for that gorgeous new princess cut or emerald cut engagement ring.

Option 1: Give it to your best man or a family member for safekeeping.

This can be a safe, easy and reassuring option if you can trust a friend or family member to keep the ring at their home. You might ask them to keep the ring with their own jewellery collection or with their important documents so it’s in a safe place. Just make sure you ask and remember where exactly they have hidden the engagement ring to avoid any last-minute frantic searches!

Option 2: Place it in storage.

If you aren’t planning to travel before your proposal, a spare suitcase or bag can be an ideal hiding place for your ring. It can be a good idea to cover the ring box in a shoebox and then in wrapping paper, so if they do happen to find it they won’t guess what it is or open it up. You might also wish to place it up in an attic or storage room where your partner isn’t likely to regularly visit. Just stay alert during any spring cleaning…

Option 3: Hide it within your separate interests.

If you’re into games, sports, or hobbies that your partner isn’t really interested in then this is another excellent option for hiding your engagement ring. You might keep it in a sports bag, a board game, a computer case or in your workshop drawer, as long as the ring can be kept safe and secure. We have even heard of one man who chose to hide his fiancée’s engagement ring in a DVD case!

Option 4: Keep it with your jeweller until you’re ready.

Of course, you’ve trusted your favourite jeweller to create or customise the perfect engagement ring for you and your soon-to-be-spouse, so why not ask us to keep the ring for you until the day before you’re planning to propose? We work with highly valuable loose diamonds and bespoke jewellery every day, so we certainly know how to care for precious items. Our team would be delighted to help you keep your ring a perfect surprise until the moment you choose to get on one knee.

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