10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Gay Wedding Ring

Feb 14, 2018 | Uncategorized

It’s an exciting time in your relationship – as gay partners, you have made a lifelong commitment to spend your lives together and you are now planning your wedding.

You’ve got lots of decisions to make – the venue, the ceremony, the reception – but the most important one is to find or design your wedding rings, which will be an enduring symbol of your lifelong love and commitment to each other.

Your individual styles will influence your ring choices

Everyone has an individual style and you will need to work together as partners to decide on the elements that will create the perfect gay men’s wedding rings for you both.

Here are some tips to help.

  1. Firstly, you need to agree on your budget, for that will strongly influence the choices you make.
  2. If you already have engagement rings, you need to consider how your wedding rings will complement them. 
  3. Find a good jeweller who has a wide range of gay men’s wedding rings, so you can see all the different options available to you. 
  4. Decide whether you wish to purchase ready-made wedding rings, or design your own unique wedding rings. If the latter, take along any pictures or ideas for discussion with the ring designer.
  5. Consider whether you want your rings to be identical, or whether each will be an expression of individuality, with perhaps a common theme such as embedded diamonds or an engraving tying them together.
  6. Identify the metal you want for your rings. If you are choosing gold, will it be yellow gold, white gold or rose gold? How many carats do you want – 14k, 18k or 24k?  Or would you prefer platinum, or titanium? 
  7. Decide whether you want to use one metal, or a combination of metals to obtain a really unique look.
  8. Think about the jewellery you already have. Is there a piece given to you by someone special in your life – perhaps your late grandmother or great uncle – that you would like to use as a foundation metal in your custom-designed wedding rings? It is a lovely way to remember those who supported and loved you, but who might not be there on your wedding day.
  9. Consider the surface of the ring – do you want a highly polished ring, one with a satin finish, a matte finish, or a pattern? Talk to the jeweller about your many options. Touch the different rings and feel the surfaces to find the texture you like.
  10. Decide on the width of your wedding rings. If the two of you have vastly different sized hands and fingers, you may choose to have different ring widths.

Choose wisely and always ensure your wedding rings are high quality – just as your love stands the test of time, so then will your wedding rings.

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