Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Also known as ‘trilogy rings,’ or ‘trinity rings,’ 3-stone rings are a popular engagement ring choice for engaged couples who want their ring to display a symbolic gesture. In a 3-stone diamond ring, the first diamond represents the couple’s past, the middle represents the present, and the third represents the future. A family of three children can also represent the three-stone setting with gemstones symbolizing each child.

If you’re looking for 3-stone engagement rings in Australia, MAX Diamonds has got you covered. You can browse below our top collection of unique 3-stone engagement ring designs. Let us know which one is your liking.

Crafting a Beautiful and Elegant Piece of Jewellery

Those looking to create their custom-designed engagement ring will be happy to know that 3-stone rings can be crafted in several styles depending on the diamond shape.

The traditional 3 stone engagement ring settings incorporate a row of three diamonds in a horizontal line, often in the brilliant-cut shape, with the centre diamond of a larger size than the two diamonds on the sides. You can also choose to have three diamonds of the same or close in size in a row, or choose different diamond cuts to create a statement piece.

Other elegant designs include using an emerald cut or princess shape as the centerpiece diamond. Others also use a combination of different diamond shapes, like a cushion cut diamond in the centre with pear shape diamonds on the sides. If you prefer 3 stone engagement ring white gold design, we can customise it to match your preference.

You can also incorporate coloured gemstones to create something truly unique, like a brilliant-cut white diamond centre stone with two round, cut Ceylon sapphires as the side gemstones. For those who opt for platinum, a 3 stone platinum engagement ring can be just as perfect.

The design options for a three-stone diamond ring are truly endless—you can combine almost any size and shape of gemstone or diamond, and design the ring to be bold and contemporary or intricate with a vintage touch. You can opt for a 3-diamond gold ring, 3-stone twist ring, or a 3-stone ring with halo to add to your statement pieces.

If you’re looking for 3 stone diamond wedding ring sets instead of a single-piece engagement ring, we can also help you with that. Feel free to bring in any pictures or design ideas and let’s create the design.

MAX Diamonds are Sydney’s master jewellers when it comes to creating stunning three-stone rings for any occasion. Our expert designers can guide you through the process of selecting a cast ring or designing your bespoke piece at wholesale diamond prices.

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