Halo Engagement Rings

With a line of beautiful diamonds encircling a stunning central diamond or gemstone, halo engagement rings have become a popular ring style to celebrate a wonderful engagement. The style boasts of a huge sparkle and overall dazzling effect.

The term ‘halo’ comes from the band of smaller diamonds that surround the main gemstone giving the appearance of a halo. When crafted expertly, the halo ring design can brilliantly highlight and accentuate the main stone, making it appear bigger and brighter than it might do on its own.

Halo rings create a vintage, timeless look and have become one of the most popular styles of engagement ring today.

Beautifully Cut, Intricately Designed Halo Engagement Rings

Nearly all diamond shapes can be set in a halo ring, including the brilliant cut, princess cut, cushion cut and pear shape. That said, the centre stone does not always have to be a diamond. Some halo rings are set with beautiful precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds; it all depends on your personal taste. The addition of a halo of smaller diamonds to a centre gemstone not only looks beautiful, but also visually makes the centre stone appear much larger, in many cases more than a carat larger in appearance.

Halo rings have become a popular choice with Celebrities and even Royalty – from the stunning Sapphire halo ring worn by Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge to celebrities like Katherine Heigl, Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba, just to name a few.

The design of a Halo ring can be made to look more modern, with clean lines and modern cut for the gemstones you use, or we can custom design a ring to create a vintage look, with the use of mill grain edges, old cut diamonds, hand engraving or even art deco designs.

Whatever style you choose, a halo engagement ring is an eye catching and stunning design.


Choose from Our Variety of Halo Engagement Ring Designs

At MAX Diamonds, we are master crafters of fine halo rings, three-stone rings and twisted engagement ring designs. We have the facilities to help you create your own hand made custom engagement ring or assist you in choosing a stunning cast design from our Sydney showroom.